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Nail Art

At Totally Tiffany Nails we know that every one of our customers is different. This sense of individuality and uniqueness is what defines them and is often displayed most visibly with their nail designs.

That is why we were one of the first salons to offer a customer-centered nail art service that creates tailor-made designs. So, whether you are looking to get you nails stamped with a personal design or if you prefer some crazy geometric patterns for a night on the town, you need to contact Totally Tiffany Nails today. Our skilled nail technicians possess the artistic flair and precision to make your wildest dreams a reality.

Seasonal Nail Art Design

Nail art is all about the individual, but knowing how to complement your nail design with your outfit is crucial. Another key part of choosing the correct nail design is picking a theme that goes with the season. For instance, if you are looking for inspiration for a nail art design in the summer time then flowers, watermelons and rainbows could be for you. While during the winter months you may prefer a festive themed creation or a snowflake design. Whatever you decide on, Totally Tiffany Nails can guarantee that we possess the skill and knowhow to make it a reality.

Design Options for Short Nails

For many years, a perception existed that nail art and design was simply for women with long nails. This is no longer the case. As more and more women juggle the responsibilities of working and being a parent, it is understandable that the amount of women with long extravagant nails has decreased. However, having short nails does not mean that they cannot be artistic expressions of beauty. In fact, the opposite is the case. Given the correct design and precise nail techniques there is no reason why short nails can’t have the same impact as longer nails.